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We aim for the best customer service here at Spell Beauty and we are proud of our high customer satisfaction ratings. Here are some customer reviews we received recently. (Most recent updates highlighted in yellow.) Click here to see the 100 most recent customer satisfaction ratings.

October 2018 

"Very helpful. With quick response to email." - Vanessa

"A nice little surprise of free gifts, great hair and speedy delivery." - Rebecca

"I have received excellent customer service from Trevor! I love your company!!! <3." - Monterria

"Good customer service I will definitely be shopping with the company again." - Olayemi


September 2018 

"The Company and the Costumer Care were really helpful and shopping at your place was a great experience. Thank you." - Maske

"The member of staff who dealt with my query was very fast in responding and was able to fix the issue I had. Thank you." - Jodie

"A nice little surprise of free gifts, great hair and speedy delivery." - Rebecca

"Very helpful. With quick response to email." - Vanessa


August 2018

"They were very helpful with a timely response. Did their best to help." - Lavinia

"The responses have always been quick, polite and professional." - Chi

"I am always pleased to order from Spell but this latest interaction really showed me why I love Spell. I ordered some hair I didn't like and when I returned it, I forgot to specify I wanted a different hair curl as well as colour. Spell was so great as they sorted things out for me and sent me the hair I actually wanted very quickly. So very thankful for people at Spell!" - Eno

"Exceptional service., Super grateful 🤜🏾👏🏾." - Grace


July 2018 

"My request was dealt with very swiftly and efficiently! Great service! Thank you." - Chelsea

"Fantastic help and support from Trevor, thank you. I love Spell Beauty's customer service and products full stop! You guys never let me down." - Monterria

"Great communication. Great resolution. Great customer service." - Karen


June 2018 

"Great service, I ordered two separate parcels on different days and they were put together saving me extra hassle, plus I also received a free mug that was a pleasant surprise, very happy" - Stacie

"The customer service was efficient and useful, 10/10 I will come back to this store!" - Gabbie

"Great service, I ordered two separate parcels on different days and they were put together saving me extra hassle, plus I also received a free mug that was a pleasant surprise." - Stacie


May 2018 

"I'll continue to keep buying from spell beauty as the products are great and the service even better. Thanks" - Yvonne

"Good customer service overall." - Ayotunde


April 2018

"Really quick, great service." - Adriene

"Really fast delivery" - Tsitsi

"Excellent quality of support from your staff Aaron. I’m so much very pleased with the service he gave to me on the confusion I had with your reward points. Once again, I thank him very much. I really hope all your start are efficient like him. If so, I do not think I will have any problems with your company in the future." - Ayotunde

"I'm very satisfied with the customer service they got back to me straight away and didn't mess about and delay. Any issues I had were resolved very quickly and efficiently. Brilliant" - Chanal

"I received great advice and support, as always. Thanks!" - Eno


March 2018

"They reply really fast. . And I got my item on time." - Cecilia

"Received my refund with no problems. Many thanks. I will be ordering again :)" - Melissa


February 2018

"Always a prompt response that resolves the issue." - Leona

"Support was overall great! Quick and efficient communication, and I was able to change delivery dates with ease. Trevor was fab in managing my process, and the product satisfied my expectations. Thanks!" - Iye’re

"I am so so glad and happy how you handle your customers!!! Can’t dream better!! Thanks a lot for you job. I will order and order again on your website. Best regards" - Akouvi

"Great customer service!" - Danielle

"Professional and swift reply" - Jeanet


January 2018

"Amazing services and good quality hair extension. Thanks" - Kate

"Super fast reply and problem sorted. Spell Beauty are Super professional" - Lorraine

"The customer service from Aaron was excellent. He went the extra mile. The free bag and calendar were a nice touch. I will definitely be buying more in the future." - Dulcie


December 2017

"I'm very happy with this company and the support I received, my problem was sorted quickly, I thought December deliveries would be slower but it was impressively fast, I'm one very happy customer, thank you for your help" - Stacie


"Really efficient - wouldn’t go anywhere else now" - Trudy

"The team are very friendly and I love their product offering." - Kelle


November 2017

"First time using spell beauty as they stocked a colour I haven't been able to find in a long time. Fast delivery, great aftercare and service. Will use again for sure! Thank you :)" - Simran

"The response was swift, courteous and answered my query." - Isla

"Your customer service is great ! I had a quick and nice answer to my e-mail ! Thanks !" - Anaïs

"Trevor was lovely and extremely helpful. Thank you very much for all of your help." - Simone

"I wanna thank you so much for the awesome support that you gave me!" - Luena

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